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DATE :20-10-2020
TOPIC : Remember His Power.

“They forgot what he had done, the wonders he had shown them.– They did not remember his power.” Psalms 78:42

What is worry other than forgetting the power and promise of God? The legacy that the Jews, who fled from Egypt, left for their children is that they forgot about the power of God. All the miracles, all the provisions and yet they were guilty of murmuring, complaining and idolatry. They lived as if God did not exist. Jesus came many centuries later and still found the same lack of faith. He was born amongst a people who did not know the all powerful God. So He showed them. He taught them not to worry about their needs because God would provide for them. He taught them to seek Him first and everything they needed would follow. Jesus lived among them for three and a half years. They saw the miracles, they heard His teachings, they experienced His power and yet many of them still not believe. They saw the miracles but like the Jews in the wilderness, “They forgot what he had done, the wonders he had shown them. They did not remember his power.” What about you? When situations come today that force you to take pause, will you fear or have faith? Will you remember all that He has done or will you worry in unbelief? Today remember that the God of all power and provision is the same yesterday, today and will be tomorrow.

Dear Father, I thank You that You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I thank You that Your power continues today as it has in the past. I know that You are able to provide, protect and keep me from falling so I give my life to You. In Jesus’ name.

I will remember God’s power
Mediate on God’s power. Think of creation. Picture God brining the world into being. Think of Moses at the Red Sea. See yourself there with him, see the water part and feel the hard dry ground as you cross to the other side. See Jesus after He has risen. Picture yourself in the crowd as He rises up to Heaven. Think of a miracle that you know has happened in your life time. Remember an answer to prayer. As you think of these things, sense their reality. Let the weight of God’s power sink deep into your consciousness. As you mediate say, “I will remember God’s power.

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